10 Foundation Tips for a Flawless Face

You guys know I'm all about skin and I want to share my top tips for a super-smooth, seamless foundation application.

KIM KARDASHIAN’S SETTING POWDER SECRET – This is just one of the tips many tips that I picked up at Mario Dedivanovic’s (Kim’s makeup artist) makeup master class. Instead of using a brush to apply setting powder, he uses a damp beauty blender to pat it into the skin. I find this helps make my makeup last SO much longer and gives a more natural finish that isn’t powdery.

WATCH OUT FOR HAIRSPRAY – It’s worth going in with a makeup wipe (my favorite kind) so your skin is clean and foundation goes on ultra-smooth.

DAMPEN YOUR SPONGE – OMG you guys it drives me NUTS when I see people using dry sponges! When your sponge is dry, it just sucks up all of the product and won’t give you that flawless, airbrushed finish! I love spraying my beautyblender with a setting spray (my fave here) so it gives me an ultra dewy finish but also helps my makeup last.

OIL VS WATER VS SILICONE  – If you mix water, oil and silicone products, your foundation will get super patchy! For example, you want to avoid using an oil-based primer with a water-based foundation or vice versa.

too faced hangover primer

USE A PRIMER – It makes the foundation go on 10x smoother and helps to minimize the look of pores and any skin texture. I love the Too Faced HangoverRX or Kylie Cosmetics primer.

DON’T FORGET YOUR EARS – This is another Mario D trick! I just take whatever is leftover on my foundation brush and go over my ears so my face/neck/entire situation looks perfectly even. This is a major key especially when your hair is back!

OIL PRIMING – For an ultra dewy look, oil priming is totally the way to go! This one by Smashbox is amazing.

MIX IN HIGHLIGHTER FOR AN ALL OVER GLOW – I love add a sprinkle of Artist Couture Diamond Glow powder to my foundation for that sort of lit from within glow.

COLOR CORRECT FIRST – Color correcting (using a green concealer to cancel out redness or orange to get rid of under-eye circles etc.) should be your first step after primer, then go in with foundation over top.

DON’T HIDE – Remember to own your natural beauty and let your skin shine through!