Date 3: Wrap it Up & Turn Up | 12 Dates of Christmas

chirstmas gift wrapping

Christmas crafts are my favourite! Get some cute wrapping supplies, grab your partner in crime, and get crafty! But the real MVP of the evening? Wine. Obvi.


Sticking with the theme of white and pink, I snagged some bows, boxes, and wrapping paper at Homesense. They have so much adorable decorating supplies that is really affordable. also has really cool wrapping paper that you can customize!

My handwriting is SO bad and I feel like it always makes my gifts look ugly. LOL. Pinterest has so many cute tag templates you can just print right out and attach to your gifts. Also, this Life Changing Gift Wrapping Hacks Video is SO great. It’ll show you some cool tricks like how to wrap a present when you’re running out of paper or how to make awkward shaped items look oh so pretty.


Walking into the wine section like…. Sorry, where do I begin? Do I pick the prettiest label? Does expensive mean it will be better?


Thankfully for you, I’ve been selfless enough to taste all of the wines you’ll see below, and I’m confident you’ll love them. Now by no means am I a wine expert, but these are some of my favourite bottles under $25.


Lost Inhibitions White Blend -These bottles are hilarious and are perfect for a host/hostess gift.
Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio


Pink Flamingo – Technically a vin gris, but I mean… whatever ;).
Whispering Angel – what is in the rosé gummy bears I’m obsessed with


Mission Hill Pinot Noir
Kim Crawford Pinot Noir – my go-to red.

But with vino in one hand, and scissors in the other…. just promise me you’ll be careful! What will you be sipping on while you get crafty? Let me know in the comments below!

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