15 Ways To Feel Happier

As someone who has experienced severe depression and anxiety, I know the importance of having good coping skills. I keep a list in my journal of things to do when I'm feeling low and I wanted to share those with you today!

MAKE A GRATITUDE LIST – It’s hard to be unhappy and anxious when there is so much to be thankful for.

CLEAN YOUR ROOM – I mean, this is really the ultimate glow up. When your space is looking good, you’ll be feeling good.

TAKE A SPECIAL SHOWER – This is one of those showers where you exfoliate, shave, mask, and moisturize your whole damn body. This is an intense amount of self-care that will have you feeling like a silky goddess.

GET OUTSIDE – Fresh air does so much for the mind and is a great way to take a nice little break.

MEDITATE – The headspace app makes this so easy for beginners.

PET AN ANIMAL – Unconditional animal love is everything!

GIVE SOMEONE A COMPLIMENT – Seeing someone else smile just makes me feel SO good.

SEEK SUPPORT – Sometimes we just need an extra boost. That’s why I’ve created The Glossy Body Posi Program!

TURN YOUR PHONE OFF – I loveeeee a digital detox.

JOURNAL – You know I’m totally obsessed with journaling! It’s such a nice way to get out any negative thoughts and feelings, but it’s also great for reflecting on the good things that happen.

SAY NO – Sometimes self-care means setting boundaries and putting yourself first.

REPEAT POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS – I have an entire Pinterest board with ideas! I also like to print them out and post them on my mirror.

CELEBRATE YOUR VICTORIES – Taking time to reflect and celebrate is so important! Sometimes we tend to just highlight the negative and forget about the positive.

LISTEN TO AN INSPIRATIONAL PODCAST – I mean, The Glossy Body Posi Podcast is a great place to start.

TRY SOMETHING NEW – Cook a new recipe, take a workout class or explore a new hobby. You might just find a new passion that makes you happy!