4 Things I Learned After Not Buying Any Makeup for 4 Months

4 months went by and I didn’t buy any cosmetics. No makeup, no skincare, no hair products….Crazy, right? There were so many times where I wanted nothing more than to head down to Sephora and go wild, but I wanted to stick to Project 10 Pan!

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Yup, 4 Months of riding the struggle bus indeed! via

4 Things I Learned During This Challenge

#1 The FOMO is real


I’m all for trying new products but don’t let the social media FOMO suck you into buying something you don’t actually need. If I can’t hold back, I always go try the product in-store rather than ordering online. Often I swatch a few shades, check out the formula, and realize I have a product that’s super similar.

#2 All the single shadows, all the single shadows

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Honestly, if you didn’t read the text above with your Beyoncé voice…. Not too sure how well we’d get along! Single shadows are my new obsession, I reach for my Z Palette more than any other palette I own. Now if I see a palette I really love but I have a lot of similar shades, I’ll try to find single shadow alternatives for the shades I don’t have. Your bank account will thank you for going this route!

#3 Minimalist Beauty 

I ran out of a few skincare products about 3 months in, but I made it work! My favorite minimalist beauty products? Apple cider vinegar to tone, sweet almond oil to moisturize, and lavender oil to heal blemishes. The lovely babe who writes Avocado And Lipstick has a minimalist beauty routine and I think it’s incredible!

#4 Pennies Per Wear


When I think about my favorite lipstick (Peachstock by MAC, $22) and how many times I’ve worn it… Countless times but let’s just say I’ve worn it 150 times! So if we take $22 divided by 150, it has cost me $0.15 for each wear. Something like MAC’s Blue Bang! (bright blue) I’d only wear about 5 times, so that’s $4.40 for each wear. Yikes! Don’t fret, you can absolutely get unconventional colors that make sense for your wallet, this is when Colour Pop Cosmetics is so clutch! Dr.M Liquid Lipstick (a deep green) from CP is only $6, so if you wore that 5 times it comes to $1.20. It’s all about spending your money in the right places!

I’m going to do reviews on all of the products that were in this challenge, but that’s for a later time! Have you done project 10 pan before or would you consider doing it? I’d love to know your thoughts 🙂

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