8 Ways You’re Secretly Sabotaging Your Skin

As an esthetician, I constantly have people asking me why their skin is still breaking out despite religiously following their skincare routine. Many factors are out of our control (environmental pollution, hormones, genetics,) but there are a few things we can control. These are eight dirty habits that sabotage clear skin!



1) Using old makeup/skincare
Like the foods we eat, they are best when fresh. Over time, active cosmetic ingredients become ineffective, and bacteria starts to grow. Cosmetics are typically labeled with how long they can be used before they go bad.



2) You’re not replacing your brush heads
If you use a Clarisonic or any kind of cleansing brush, make sure to replace the brush head every 3 months and clean your brush daily with soap and water. Your damp brush head sits in your bathroom every night….. It’s a warm, wet, and dark environment. Just the kind of breeding ground bacteria loves.



3) You use dirty hands to apply product
So you spent $200 on a skincare product? Make sure it’s well worth the investment by using clean hands before scooping the product out of a jar. Dirty fingers + expensive skincare = expensive bacteria.



4) Your phone is a dirty place
I’m referring to all of the dirt on your screen, not the nudes in your camera roll. Having a clean phone means clean skin. Well Kept Screen Wipes are a major key!



5) Your bed is a dirty place
I’m talking about your dirty pillowcase! Oh, but you wash your face before you go to bed? Your hair and body still touch that pillow case, homegirl/boy! Do yourself a favor, take 30 seconds to put on a fresh pillow case, and drift off knowing you will have a sanitary slumber.



6) You’re working out with a full face
Your blood circulates, your body temperature rises, and your pores open up when you’re working up a sweat. If you go to spin class with a full face, all of the makeup and dirt will just seep on into those pores. Let your skin breathe and let your pores release toxins when you sweat! Pop some makeup wipes in your gym bag and thank me later.



7) Your laundry detergent sucks
Okay well maybe that’s not totally true, but harsh chemicals, surfactants, and artificial fragrances from your laundry detergent can lead to irritation.



8) You’ve still got makeup on before you sleep
Okay yes, we all know this one! But rather than scrubbing at your skin with an entire pack of makeup wipes, an oil based cleanser is your new BFF. Dermalogica’s Precleanse is EVERYTHING. I’ve tried many other oil cleansers (Tatcha, Shu Eumura, Josie Maran, PhilosphyMAC) but Preclease is my personal fave!



Are you guilty of any of these skin sins? Be honest ;)! If you don’t want to confess in the comments, send me a snap!

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