All About Derma Rolling With Sdara Skincare

I just started derma rolling a couple of months ago and it's made such a big difference in my skin! I've teamed up with Sdara Skincare to tell you everything there is to know about derma rolling!

The derma roller I have is from Sdara Skincare (this exact one) and it’s amazing! There are over 500 5-star reviews for it, so you know it’s truly the crème de la crème of derma rollers! It’s super high quality and comes in a cute little plastic case so you can store it away after you’re done using it.

sdara skincare derma roller


The tiny micro-needles on the roller cause micro-injuries to the skin. The skin goes to repair the injuries and this results in boosted collagen and elastin production, both of which make the skin firm, plump, and tight!


I have found that I’ve seen the biggest results on my chin and forehead where my acne scars are. The texture and dark spots are not nearly as visible anymore. It’s also great for fine lines and wrinkles, my entire complexion looks and feels tighter!


Sdara Skincare has a really great video that breaks it down for you right here. But remember, sanitizing your roller with alcohol before and after use is SO important! You also want to make sure you’re using your roller on clean, dry skin.

Post-roll, your skin is ready AF to absorb all of your skincare ingredients! I always apply a serum and a sheet mask right after. You want to opt for something hydrating and stay away from actives like AHAs and retinol which could potentially irritate the skin. The Sdara Hydrating Sheet Mask feels SO soothing, the aloe vera, green tea (fights free radicals), and hyaluronic acid work like magic to hydrate the skin.

I derma roll twice weekly, I find that’s what’s worked the best for me! Now I do use this all over my face (obvi avoiding the eyes) and I also use it on my neck and decolette. It’s a skincare tool I cannot live without and would highly recommend the 0.25mm Derma Roller from Sdara Skincare.