All About That Base: Let’s Talk Primers

 I figured I’d share with you guys my favourite primers… for everything. I haven’t been wearing a ton of makeup lately so a good primer and some mascara do the job nicely most days. 


NYX Eyeshadow Base – This super affordable primer really evens out the skin tone on the eyelid and the shadow stays put all day.

Urban Decay Subversion – This prepares the lashes for mascara and it makes them so long and thick but without clumping. 


Bare Minerals Neutralizing – My skin is always just a little bit red and this primer really helps neutralize that redness and prepare a good canvas for my foundation.

Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel – I usually wear this if I am going anywhere without makeup. It just seems to blur imperfections and smooth out any uneven areas. I also use it on my décolleté or arms. Their body gel creates such a perfect glow on the arms or legs!


Too Faced Lip Insurance – This lip primer is ultra moisturizing and really helps lip products from feathering or bleeding on to the skin. 

What are your favourite primers? I’d love to hear from you on Instagram or Snapchat (laurenmkwill)!

xoxoxox Lauren Will

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