Ardell Lashes Review & Try On

Ardell Lashes Flatlay
Ardell Lashes in Faux Mink 810 and Black Wispies.

Ardell lashes are so gorgeous and affordable, a single pack of lashes ranges from $4 to $8. Today I’ll be trying on their famous Wispies, along with 4 other styles of Ardell lashes. All of these strip lashes are super lightweight and have a very thin band, which is a major key with falsies. So, let’s see what these babies look like on!


Ardell Wispie False Lashes

Good lord! There are 17 different types of Wispies!!! But these are just the OG Black Wispies. After trying these on, I know that I prefer the Demi Wispies. I like how the Demi’s flare at the outer edge, opposed to how these flare in the centre. Available at Ulta or on Amazon.


Ardell Double Up 204 false lashes

When it comes to Ardell, I find their more dramatic styles can just look a bit fake. When I say fake, I’m referring to how they can look like plastic rather than human hair. These remind me of something I would have worn on Halloween as a child. But I mean they were only $5.50 so I’m not too salty about taking the L…Hahaha! Available at Target, Ulta, or Amazon.


Ardell Faux Mink 810 false lashes

The faux mink collection is definitely my favourite, they’re so insanely affordable! This style is great for when I’m doing an eye look where I want the shadow to be the focus. The spiked effect will allow the shadow on the lid to be seen and give a gorgeous, feathery look. Available at Ulta or on Amazon.


Ardell Faux Mink 811 false lashes

Criss-Cross falsies are the best, plus when the lashes have a tapered end, it makes them appear especially natural. Style #811 blend so well with my natural lashes and make my eyes pop. Available at UltaTarget or on Amazon.


Mega Volume 251 false lashes

These are a bit more natural looking than Double Up 204, but I’m still not crazy about them. They do look slightly less plastic-y and blend better. Available at Ulta, or on Amazon.

Though I didn’t love all of the styles, these are pretty great for how inexpensive they are. Which lash style is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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