Tips for Taking Cute Holiday Pics With Your Bae

To me, the holidays are all about making memories with the people I love and care about. So of course, I had to make sure to snap a few pictures of Cody and I for Instagram! These are my tips for snapping the perfect picture with your SO this holiday season.


Cody and Lauren Christmas Picture

Lighting is a major key when it comes to getting a great photo and this illuminated orb outside Nordstrom (Georgia St. entrance) made a great backdrop. There was a lovely group of ladies who offered to take a photo of us and of course we did the same for them. Returning the favor is just part of proper etiquette, whether you’re a blogger or not!

Lauren Will Cody Karey Christmas Photo


Even if I’m smiling in photos, there is still something about my expression that can still look lifeless and unhappy. The eyes can show so much, so I always remember to “smize”. AKA, smile with your eyes! What always works for me is to focus on my eyes and what I want to emote, then think of a time when I felt that emotion. For example, if I want to look really happy I’ll think about an inside joke I have with Cody. This sounds silly I know, but it really works! Remember not to squint too much, you want to look sexy, not like you have vision problems.

Tyra Banks Smize Gif
Smizing, as shown by the smize queen Tyra Banks. Gif Via Tumblr.


Need more ideas? These are a few of my favourite Insta couples who always take super cute pics!

Instagram holiday couples photo
Kate Fert couples photo
couples christmas kissing photo

Via Instagram L to R: @CocoLilii • @KateFert • @TheLustListt

Coco and her man look so chic in their Christmas selfie, the neutral aesthetic is so crisp. How adorable are Kate and Bryce in their coordinating loungewear? This last photo feels so festive and romantic, I really love this shot and may just have to steal Victoria’s (aka @TheLustListt) idea! This last photo could totally be recreated in Vancouver with the giant Christmas tree in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery!


Lauren Will and Cody Karey

A question I am constantly asked is “How do you take selfies or blog photos in public?” When I first began blogging, I often felt like people were staring at me whenever I would take photos out in public. With my tripod, DSLR, and remote control shutter in hand, I would go around my neighbourhood to take outfit photos for my blog.

After a while, I just stopped caring what people thought or if they glared at me. Being self-conscious and anxious because of what other people potentially might think is exhausting and pointless. The fact is, most people are too busy worrying about themselves and how they look and aren’t focusing on me. My advice is to give 0 f*cks and to be confident. I don’t let strangers make me feel weird for capturing a memory, and neither should you.

 What are your tips for taking the perfect couple photo? Let me know below!

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