Bali Body Self Tan Remover Review

Bali Body just launched a brand new product and if you’re a self-tan addict like I am, you are going to love it!  Their new Self Tan Remover has taken my self tan routine to the next level.

Bali Body self tan remover

If you’re like me and like to be tan 24/7, having a day to slough off dead skin and product build-up is essential! The Self Tan Remover foam literally melts off any old product on the skin.


The Self Tan Remover formula is filled with Aloe Vera and glycerin that help to smooth and hydrate the skin. Now the real star of the show is the rose extract. This is what helps remove the tan but also gives lots of nourishment for smooth, silky skin.


It’s SO friggen easy to remove your tan with the Self Tan Remover! All you have to do is apply it to dry skin, wait 5 minutes, rinse in the shower and scrub using the Bali Body Exfoliating Mitt. This is such a game-changer you guys, I can prep my skin SO well so I have a flawless tan all the time.

After your skin is fresh and clean, you can go on ahead and bronze up! My go-to tanner is the Bali Body Ultra Dark Mousse (see my before and after here) because I love how it gives such a deep, natural-looking tan. But if you’re looking for something more subtle, you can always use their original Self Tanning Mousse or their Gradual Tan Lotion (review here). But remember, don’t forget the Self Tan Face Water for a bronzed face and decollete and their Luxe Mitt to apply your mousse!