Bali Body Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse Review

You guys know I'm all about a good glow all year round!

Bali Body just launched their Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse and OMG… I am beyond obsessed with the results! I mean, can we just take a moment for this before and after?

In comparison to the original Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse, it definitely delivers a deeper tan. The formula is still the same in that it isn’t streaky, it’s easy to apply, and it fades out evenly, but this one is just a lot darker! One thing I will say about all of the Bali Body self-tanning products is that the fake tan smell is very minimal. Bali Body really has it figured out in the scent department.

To apply the mousse, all you have to do is pump out some of the foam on to your Luxe Tanning Mitt and apply it in circular sweeping motions. I like to start from my feet and work my way up! Remember that you want to apply your mousse onto clean, dry skin (no lotions or creams on TYSM). I share some more tips and tricks, and how I prep for a tan in my self tanning routine video on IGTV.

For an extra dark tan, here’s what I like to do. And when I say extra dark, I’m talking the type of tan where it looks like I just spent the last two months in Bora Bora type of tan ;). I like to do what I call the double-dip. It’s basically when you do 2 coats of self-tanner in one go. I typically wait about 30 minutes between each application. I also like to sleep in my tan so it really has a chance to sink in. But if you want something more subtle, you can leave it on for a few hours (I’d say at least 4 hours) and then shower.

You guys know I am a total skincare nerd and appreciate quality ingredients! I love that all of the ingredients are 100% vegan and Bali Body doesn’t test on animals. In the formula, there is coffee that helps to tighten and firm the skin (more reasons why I love coffee in skincare in this post). There’s also coconut oil which is ultra-nourishing and pomegranate extract which is packed with vitamin c and antioxidants that help to fight free radicals (little molecules that speed up the aging process).

On my Instagram story, I did a Q&A and I figured I’d answer the rest of your questions about the new Bali Body Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse in this post!

Is it sticky?

At first, yes. But it only takes about 5-10 minutes to dry and then you’re totally good!

How many tans do you get out of one bottle?

I find I usually get 8 tans from one bottle. So when you do the math, it’s WAY more affordable than going for 8 spray tans!

How long does the tan last?

I find I look like a golden goddess for about a week! Moisturizing is key for getting your tan to last, the Bali Body Luxe Moisturising lotion is my current fave.