Bedtime Beauty Routine

Working for myself and not having a normal 9-5 job can be a bit overwhelming because I’m working pretty much all day! It’s important to have a proper bedtime beauty routine to help me wind down. This is always a part of my day that I look forward to. The first thing I do to de-stress is turn off my phone, relax on the couch, sip on a cup of tea, and read a book for a little while. This gets me in “chill mode” so I can get my mind off work, and start to get ready for bed.Once I’ve finished my cup of tea, its time to take off the day’s makeup. I first use my Dermalogica precleanse and then just my regular cleanser.  I go between the No7 Melting Gel Cleanser if my skin is feeling dry, or if I’m a bit oil the Dior HydraLife.

A few nights a week I like to do a nighttime exfoliating treatment my face. Which leaves it feeling soft and fresh in the morning. Of course, I follow up with my serum, eye cream, and moisturizer.

I then apply a deep-moisturizing lip balm like Rosebud Salve, and make sure I drench my hands in cream and cuticle oil so my skin is ultra soft when I wake up. The L’Occitane hand cream is the best there is!

The very last thing I do before sliding into bed is put on a fresh silk pillow case, yes I do this every night! It has so many benefits, and seriously only takes a few seconds to do. A clean pillowcase is much better for your skin and will ensure you don’t get breakouts. Silk pillowcases are also great for your hair, it won’t get tangled or tousled, which means less frizz and breakage! The Shh Sleep silk pillow cases are to die for!

What do you guys like to do to make sure you get a good night of beauty sleep?

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