Body Love and Perfect Jeans: GOOD AMERICAN

As someone who struggled with an eating disorder and body image for many years, shopping, in general, used to be a bittersweet experience. Sometimes I’d fit into a certain size that my mind had decided was “perfect,” but of course that was never enough for my eating disorder. If I had to try on a size or two bigger, at the time it felt like the end of the world. I used to think “I don’t fit any of these clothes, something is wrong with me and I need to fix that.”

Over the last year and a half, I have come to terms with my body and it’s natural, happy, and healthy shape. I know very well that the number on the tag is not an indicator of anything other than the size of the garment. Body parts I used to despise are now the ones I love the most. My hips make me feel sexy, and my thick thighs are strong and get me to where I need to go. Legs are great, aren’t they?

Despite what I have mentioned already, I can still agree that shopping for denim is awful. Nothing ever fits me. Pretty much every pair of jeans I try on end up to be ill fitting, wildly unflattering, and terribly uncomfortable. 

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After taking a look on the Good American website, there was so much I resonated with. Buying jeans has always been a complete pain in the ass. Similar to what Khloe and Emma mentioned on the site, I have taken several trips to my tailor to get my jeans to fit just right. There are two things I love about their philosophy. “Fashion should be made to fit women, not the other way around.” HELL YES. The second thing is that the jeans are manufactured in the United States. Woohoo! I have a greater awareness of the dark side of the fashion industry, and how so many human, social, and environmental rights can be violated in the process. But that’s a topic for another post… Anyhow, I am extremely happy that these are made right here in LA.

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So I decided to get some Good Americans and see for myself (these ones) and I’m obsessed! When I tried them on and looked in the mirror I was like “OKAY GIRL YASSS GIVE IT TO ME HELLO BOOTY YASSSS.” My boyfriend had a similar reaction. I’m happy to note they fit perfectly and they’re extremely comfortable, but it’s not just about that. These jeans make me feel sexy, confident, and happy with the body I have. That is something that every single person deserves to feel.

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Cheers to body love, supporting the Los Angeles fashion district, and very sexy jeans.

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