Body Positive Instagram Accounts I Love

Scrolling through Instagram can sometimes leave you feeling unhappy with the body you have and just generally inadequate. Believe me babe, I've totally been there! But I've learned that social media (especially Instagram) doesn't have to make you feel this way! It's all about who you follow and how you curate your feed.

In honor of International Women’s Day, I wanted to share a few of my favorite body positive Instagram accounts run by amazing women!

10 Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow ASAP

body positive instagram account @Kellyu

@_kellyu – This girl has helped me feel more confident and comfortable in my body. She gets SO real about food, body image, and all things eating disorder recovery.

body positive instagram account @bodyposipanda

@bodyposipanda – I think her bio “I like talking about body positivity, feminism, and how dogs are better than humans” sums things up pretty nicely. I’m dying to read her book, Body Positive Power: Because Life Is Already Happening and You Don’t Need Flat Abs to Live It.

the chain body positivity quote

@thechain – The Chain is a non-profit that supports women in the fashion and entertainment industry who are battling eating disorders. Their quotes are SO good and also one of their founders, Christina Grasso (aka @thepouf) is easily the funniest person on Instagram right now.

jada sezer body positive model and activist nelly london body positive instagram

@jadasezer – I love that she’s raising awareness for mental health and shares a ton of self-love wisdom. Words can’t describe how excited I am for her podcast to launch!

@_nelly_london – The queen of lingerie and body confidence! She’s is also a fellow eating disorder survivor, which is inspiring and motivating AF.

body positive Instagram accounts
love this quote NEDA posted by @jennifer_rollin

@Neda – The National Eating Disorders Association has a ton of great resources on their website and lots of ED recovery inspo on their Instagram.

iskra body positive instagram post

@iskra – This babe is an #AerieReal ambassador and eating disorder survivor. TYSM sister for talking about cellulite, stretch marks, keratosis pilaris, and all of these things society deems as “imperfections”. It’s all about loving the body you’ve been given rather than trying to change it.

Aerie body positive
The cutest Aerie bikini pictured on @SassyRedLipstick & @DaniAustin

@aerie – Bless up for photos of actual women in the bodies they were naturally given! No photoshop or retouching here.

jenna kutcher instagram

@jennakutcher – Major realness on self-love, motherhood, and loving the body you’re in. OH AND ALSO, Jenna’s Goal Digger podcast is very fire and inspiring AF.

What I weigh quote
the most beautiful words by Nikita Gill

@i_weigh – This is a movement started by Jameela Jamil and I couldn’t be more obsessed! It’s all about bringing light to the fact that women are more than just our bodies and that the number on the scale just doesn’t fucking matter.

So whether you’re an eating disorder survivor or not, I highly recommend you follow these body positive Instagram accounts! Oh, and you can also follow me @LaurensLipGlossary for lots of body posi self-love posts ;). Sorry not sorry about that shameless promo ;).

Oh, and just a gentle reminder that you’re perfect exactly the way you are. You deserve to live your most glamorous life in the body you’re already have!