Bootay Bag | Review

Bootay Bag Review

BootayBag delivers two adorable pairs of underwear right to your door each month. This is one of the few fashion subscription services that will excite your bae just as much (or more) as it excites you.

Panty Problems

It seems like every few months, I take a peek into my underwear drawer, and it just isn’t as sexy as it once was. The colors have faded, the waistband has stretched, there are snags in the fabric… You know what I’m talking about!

BootayBag Pouch

Who has time to sort through the endless heaps of silk and lace at Victoria’s Secret? Not this girl. I’ll just have my goodies brought straight to my door. TYSM,  BootayBag!

Why I’m Obsessed

Bootay Bag Review

This month, I got a baby blue thong and a cheeky black lacey fit. Initially, I wasn’t thrilled about the color of the thong, but as soon as I tried it on I loved how the blue looked against my complexion. Both pairs fit perfectly, the fabric is soft, and they just make me feel sexy AF!I mean, I just have to put it out there… This is the easiest way possible to spice it up and show off something new to your bae. No leaving the house to shop, or general effort necessary. Delivery, bless up!

The Low Down

All you need to do is pick your size (XS-XL) and what styles you want to receive. I did request a medium but mistake shipped me a small… however they still fit, so I’m not mad about it! You can get cheeky panties, thongs, or one of each like I did.

BootayBag Flatlay Bootay Bag Review

You can also choose to add a matching bralette to your bag, but I took a pass due to the fact that my rather large boobs simply cannot be tamed by a simple bralette. Underwire is defs required. My BootayBag shipped so quickly and arrived in the cutest little paper pouch. My underwear assortment will be fresh and fleeky 24/7, thanks to adorable pieces constantly coming my way.Underwear is something I will need for the rest of my days on this earth. That is unless I join a nudist colony… But that’s highly unlikely at this point, I love fashion too much ;)! BootayBag is a serious game changer and most certainly a #LazyGirlSolution!

What do you guys think of this subscription service? Is this something you’d try? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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