Bras + Boob Solutions for Every Style of Top

When any part of a bra is poking out, it totally kills the vibe and ruins the look.  Thanks to my girlfriends, google and many wardrobe malfunctions (it’s a learning experience ya know), I’ve figured out the solution to most boob related fashion dilemmas.


The Victoria’s Secret Sexy Illusions strapless bra is my favorite for when I need support and no straps. It’s got a “no slip” material on the inside that keeps the bra up in place, even on the hottest of summer days when the boob sweat is intense AF. It’s also really comfortable and I love that the band is thick and provides support, but doesn’t show through fitted fabric.


So the Nudi Bra has got an adhesive lining so it sticks right to your boobs. There is a little clasp that connects the two cups, so it isn’t really ideal for deep necklines. However, a Nudi Bra is great in the sense that it sort of pulls “the girls” together and amps up the cleavage. Most of my girlfriends who are a bit smaller on top really love these and the shape they give.

Then there are Bristol Six Nippies, which are magical pieces of silicone that just cover your nipple area, leaving the rest of your boobage free. So if you’re wearing a garment that has really intricate cutouts, a plunging neckline or just want to show some underboob, these are the way to go. Nippes are also “paparazzi-proof” because of the matte finish, so they won’t shine through fabric or show up in pictures with flash. They also come in a cute little black case to store them safely.

I prefer Nippies to the Nudi Bra just because I find they’re more comfortable and just work better because I have a bigger chest. I find I kind of forget that I’m even wearing nippies, they blend right into the skin and lay so flat. Either way, both can be reused over and over again. All you have to do is wash them with a gentle detergent, let them dry, and they’ll be sticky AF once again.


Alternatively, you can skip all of that and just wear nothing at all. When I’m wearing  silk, chiffon or any type of slinky fabric where a nip slip is likely, fashion tape is a must!  The tape can be used directly on the skin to keep your top in place or you can pop some on your bra to keep your top from moving. Always make sure you still have a good range of motion (the best you can) before you stick the tape down for good, or else things can look a tad ill fitting. It’s also great for between buttons on a blouse to keep things from busting out.

If you aren’t worried about a nip slip and want to go braless, just make sure the fabric isn’t see-through. The ultimate nip test: take a selfie with your iphone camera (rear, flash on) and check to see if your nips are in the pic. If your areolas are peeping through, either throw on some Nippies or prepare to be the girl in the group picture whose nipples are showing. Up to you ;)!

Do you have any favorite bras or boob hacks? I can always use more, so let me know!