Bunhead Scrunchie Lookbook

The scrunchie has made a comeback and I am so very into it! I wear my hair up probably 90% of the time and a scrunchie is the easiest way to make a simple pony or bun look sassy AF. This white waffle scrunchie gives my high ponytail a fun, retro vibe that is so very perfect for summer.

bunhead scrunchie ponytail
bunhead scrunchie ponytail
But you guys, I am not just talking about any old scrunchie. This is a Bunhead scrunchie. The fabric is ultra luxe and the elastic is not going to be giving out anytime soon. They’re handmade in Vancouver by a mother and daughter using all locally sourced materials. SO CUTE RIGHT?bunhead vancouver velvet scrunchieMy hair is super thick and I love wearing it down, but sometimes it just gets too hot or is just all up in my face. I love that I can put my hair up with a scrunchie and it won’t leave any dents or kinks when I let it back down. This pink velvet scrunchie is my favorite for a topknot, it holds all my hair in tightly but adds a ton of volume and shape to the bun.
bunhead scrunchie topknot
bunhead scrunchie bun
Bunhead also has a “skinny series” which is a bit thinner and lighter than their OG collection. The skinny scrunchies are fab for a side braid or half-up pony à la Bella Hadid.

bunhead skinny scrunchie
bunhead skinny taupe scrunchie

If you’re trying to grow your hair out long like I am, scrunchies are a major key because they don’t cause breakage like normal hair elastics do! Every single night I put my hair up in a loose scrunchie bun and wake up with the most gorgeous waves with zero kinks.

Are you on team scrunchie? You better be girl! You can pick up a scrunchie on the Bunhead website, or peep their instagram to see if they’re selling at any events/pop-ups in Vancouver.

IN MY HAIR: white waffle // rose velvet // skinny taupe