Cake Beauty Review

Cake Beauty caught my eye during a walk with their gorgeous aesthetic and witty product names. This Canadian company makes hair and body products in the prettiest pink packaging. Every item in the Cake Beauty range is vegan and NEVER tested on animals. Yay! Now, let’s get to those reviews!


This dry shampoo absorbed oil super well but didn’t leave me with that gritty/chalky feeling or super powdery look at my roots. Of course, this is a second-day hair go-to, but I also like it for a little bit of volume when my hair is freshly styled.


Holy balls. I have never loved the scent of a hair product so much. I didn’t get the shine I hoped for, unfortunately! But honestly, I’m not even mad because it still makes my hair smell so damn good.


When I sprayed this in damp hair, crunched it up and let it air-dry, this gave my natural waves a boost but it wasn’t life-changing. Next time, I’m going use my Dyson Supersonic with the diffuser attachment rather than letting it air dry. Hopefully, that will give me better results!


This type of clip is my favourite because it holds SO much hair and it never leaves kink marks when I’m styling. You guys know I rave about the clips from Drybar….. But Cake’s version are less expensive and way cuter because they’re pink, duh! Sorry Drybar, but Cake wins this one.


Cake Beauty rose gold hair brush

I think we can all agree that in most hair kits, the mini brush you get is more often than not, absolute garbage. However, not the case here! Double bristle brushes are my fave, they do the best job and are so gentle with thick hair. “Dream-like detangling” indeed! The bristles and rose gold handle are just as luxe as they look.

Supporting brands that are based in Canada and don’t test on animals is really important to me. Cake Beauty, I love your products and all that you stand for! I totally suggest you try their dry shampoo, snag a beautiful brush and some clips. If you’ve tried any of their products, let me know which ones you love so I can give them a go!

Just an FYI… If you want a chance to be able to test Cake Beauty products for free, sign up for the Cakeland 100!

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