Lipsticks + Gloss that are Vegan, Non-toxic and Clean AF

It’s kind of hilarious how so many people are worried about eating 100% organic but give absolutely zero fucks about the cosmetic chemicals that their bodies absorb. Am I right? Yes, I can admit I was totally one of those people until earlier this year when I decided that one of my 2018 beauty resolutions was to be more conscious of the ingredients beauty products.

They say that the average women will end up ingesting between 4 and 9 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. I always have some sort of lipstick, gloss or balm on my lips, so I would say that fact is pretty accurate. So ideally I’d rather not ingest heavy metals and toxins via my lipstick, ya know?

I think we all know the clean beauty struggle. Most of the lipsticks you find at whole foods just don’t even compare to what you’ll get from a major cosmetics brand. But it’s 2018 and thank god someone finally figured it out. The lovely ladies over at Clove & Hallow sent me some lippies to try and girl, I AM DYING!



Clove + Hallow Desert Rose Lip Creme

Clove + Hallow Sugared Plum Lip Creme


These lipsticks are super nourishing (TYSM jojoba, castor, and vitamin e oil), long-lasting and hella pigmented. I get compliments on these ALL the time and I’m always so proud to be **that bitch** with the bomb lipstick that is vegan and non-toxic! Both of these shades (Dessert Rose + Sugared Plum) are perf for everyday makeup and are flattering on literally everyone. Peep the Clove + Hallow site for swatches on more complexions. OH, and the magnetic packaging is v. cool.


Clove + Hallow Lip Glaze in Angelic

Clove + Hallow Lip Glaze in Candied Hearts


As a self-proclaimed lipgloss connoisseur, these are 100% LLG approved. They describe these as having “a shine of a gloss but the texture and hydration of a lip butter.” I feel like that’s maybe a bit of a stretch… But they aren’t sticky and are super moisturizing, which are the two things that will get you the LLG stamp of approval. I personally love a brush applicator because it gives you more control and it’s way more sanitary than a tube. If you’re a makeup artist, it’s way easier to twist the product out onto your palette rather than having to stick a wand in a tube like 500 times. Ya feel?


Clove + Hallow Lip Velvet in Uptown


These have a matte velvet finish, so it doesn’t crack and won’t leave your lips drier than the Sahara desert. Liquid lipstick is really not my jam for the most part but the formulas texture is really unique and I’m very much about the C + H lip velvet life. The application is easy because they aren’t too liquidy and have a mousse-like texture. It’s easy to go in and clean up the edges before it fully dries if you totally botch the application. I wore this on a night out and it did not budge, after tacos (and obvi several margaritas) my lips were still looking fleeky AF.

Photography by Thomas Bullock