Coffee Table Books That Will Make Your Home Look Chic and Adult AF

You know we’re all about adulting at LLG (JK, only sometimes) and I feel like there is one home item that makes things very adult-y.

Coffee table books make any living room or bookcase look chic AF. In fact, I used to live very close to a store in Los Angeles that was entirely dedicated to coffee table books. So yes, this is VERY much a thing.

These are a few of my favorite fashion and beauty-themed coffee table books that are gorgeous and will make you look grown AF!

Coffee Table Books That are Gorgeous and Will Make You look Adult AF


TOM FORD – Black and white goes with everything!

LOUIS VUITTON / MARC JACOBS – The gold is so glam.

KATE SPADE SHE: MUSES,  VISIONARIES AND  MADCAP HEROINES – One big book, full of bad bitches… If you know, you know ;).

DIOR: COUTURE – ALL of the gowns.

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN – Obvi a must-have for any shoe lover.

ELEMENTS OF STYLE: DESIGNING A HOME AND A LIFE – I always come back to this book for design and decor inspo. The author is incredibly inspiring and does some major real talk in the book! It’s also on the smaller side, which is fab if you’re in a smaller space.

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN – The photographs are seriously stunning and the cover is so sassy!

MAKEUP YOUR MIND: EXPRESS YOUR SELF – Written by the one and only Francois Nars.

CHANEL 3 BOOK SET –  We can’t forget about the OG of style and creator of the LBD! There are three books total, one for fashion, jewelry and of course perfume.

KIM KARDASHIAN WEST: SELFISH – I just had to put this one in here. Sorry, not sorry.