Current Obsession: Cocokind

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll notice that Cocokind products are on heavy rotation in my skincare routine.

I’ve been using Cocokind products over the last 4 months and let me just say, my skin is looking damn good! But good skin aside, Cocokind has a lot going for them other than really amazing clean beauty products.

I really love that they’re constantly giving back via the cocokind impact foundation and are very upfront about being anti-aspirational culture. It’s so nice to scroll through the feed of a skincare brand and see REAL PEOPLE and not just airbrushed models!


oil to milk cleanser

This oil to milk cleanser is SO good for taking off makeup. If you like to oil cleanse you can use it on dry skin, or you can also use it on wet skin if that’s more your thing! But I love using it dry because it just melts my makeup right off.

Rosewater facial toner

I think if you’re going to get one product from Cocokind, this is definitely is! It’s so refreshing and just makes the skin feel so hydrated and dewy. Plus it smells amazing!

Revitalizing eye cream

This is Cocokind’s newest product and I’m totally obsessed! It helps with dark circles and fine lines, all while soothing and depuffing the skin around the eyes. The metal applicator feels so good on the skin

Pore Refining Concentrate

I apply this just on my t-zone before I moisturize and it helps keeps my pores looking nice and small. It layers under makeup really well and just makes the skin look nice and smooth.

Texture smoothing cream

If you are trying to treat textured skin, you NEED this moisturizer! It’s helped so much with the texture and bumps along my jawline. It isn’t too heavy, but still gives a lot of moisture.

Chia Facial Oil

I put this on at night before bed so my skin can soak up with omega 3 fatty acids in this super rich oil. then when I wake up, I’m glowy AF!

Glow Essence with Sea Grape Caviar

Prior to this, I’d never actually used an essence in my skincare routine. I’ve run out of this and will definitely be picking up another bottle! I just feel like this has made my skin so much more hydrated.

Vitamin C serum with sea grape caviar

Now I’m not kidding when I say that I use this serum literally every single morning. It helps fight free radicals, fades dark spots, and boosts hydration.

Clorophyll Mask

When my skin needs a good detox, this is my go-to mask! I love that the powder formula allows you to get creative, I like mixing it with yogurt for some extra probiotic benefits.