With so many places to grab a bite in Los Angeles, date night is always an adventure! My intolerance to gluten and dairy can sometimes make going out to eat a bit tricky, but sushi is always a safe bet. One of my go-to spots is Sugarfish! They have many locations throughout LA, but their Brentwood location is our favorite.

Don’t ask for a spicy tuna roll, side of rice, or tempura…. it just isn’t going to happen. Some people may find it off-putting that those requests will be declined, but I love their philosophy. Their “rules” so to say, and reasoning behind why they serve their food a certain way, is stated right on their menu. I can’t help but throw a little shade when I hear someone ask, “Can I have avocado on this?”Read the menu!!!!

 Chef Nozawa, the man behind SUGARFISH is basically a sushi god. Nowaza and his squad really know what’s up when it comes to putting fish and rice together. There is so much passion, effort, and careful thought behind their perfect sushi. Understandably they’d like you to enjoy their delicious creations as is. They serve sushi the way it was truly meant to be eaten; pure, clean, and simple. The fish is extremely fresh, the seaweed is crisp, and the rice is cooked to perfection.

I must take a moment to talk about the rice, it’s truly incomparable to anything else you’ve had before. It’s perfectly sticky, sweet, and just a little bit warm. This is what puts SUGARFISH at the top of my list; their rice is melt in your mouth delicious. The menu is filled with plenty of delicious options, but my personal favorites are the unagi sushi and the blue crab hand rolls. The Brentwood location is small and cozy, the type of atmosphere that is excellent for a date. I like to sit at the bar or at a table tucked in a corner, as sometimes the tables on the main floor can be a bit loud. The steady hum of chatter amongst the other people dining will ensure no awkward silences on your date. Keep in mind that SUGARFISH doesn’t take reservations, so I suggest going a tad early or later in the evening to avoid a long wait. 

Jeans, a cute jacket, and boots will be perfectly fine for this casual spot, but there is no harm in getting a little extra done up for an evening out! This was last Friday, post sushi we headed to The Grove to catch a movie before calling it a night! Safe to say this is one of my favorite date night spots in LA…. What’s yours? 

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