Real Talk: Dressing Room Meltdowns

Ah yes, the dressing room meltdown. There are many emotional stages that come along with shopping for clothes.

It’s like wow, is this what I actually look like? WTF is this lighting? Didn’t know I had cellulite there… And so on, and so on.

Trying on a pair of jeans that are too tight or a shirt that doesn’t fit well can stir up feelings inside of us that make us think “UGH, what’s wrong with my body, why don’t I fit these clothes?!” When in fact, it’s that the clothes don’t fit YOU. There is NOTHING wrong with your body.

As a lover of fashion, I know that an outfit can transform my mood and make me feel like a total boss ass bitch. But sometimes we have to try on 10 things before we find the perfect fit. While that can be frustrating, don’t let it shake your confidence.


DITCH THE NEGATIVE SELF TALK – Rather than looking in the mirror and saying “wow I look like actual trash in this dress I’m so ugly,” switch that out for “well, this isn’t exactly what I’m looking for. Thank u, next!”

PICK THE RIGHT SIZE – Don’t buy clothes that will fit your “ideal body” or for your “goal weight”. Buy clothes that fit your body NOW!!! You deserve to wear the cute clothes you want NOW.

BRING ALONG YOUR HYPE WOMAN – Go shopping with someone you love that will make the process WAY more fun and a little bit easier. Sometimes we need that extra bit of reassurance and that’s totally okay.

And just remember that even if you don’t end up buying anything, it doesn’t mean that you need to change your body. It isn’t that deep sis, it just means that you couldn’t find what you’re looking for.

OH ALSO! I personally find that jeans are the most frustrating thing to buy! So, I have a curvy girl denim guide filled with my favorite brands and fits. I also have a post with tips for buying swimwear when you have a bigger chest.

I love you so much and you’re beautiful just the way you are. Happy shopping babes!