Real Talk: Dressing Room Meltdowns

Ah yes, the dressing room meltdown. There are many emotional stages that come along with shopping for clothes.

It’s like wow, is this what I actually look like? WTF is this lighting? Didn’t know I had cellulite there… And so on, and so on.

Trying on a pair of jeans that are too tight or a shirt that doesn’t fit well can stir up feelings inside of us that make us think “UGH, what’s wrong with my body, why don’t I fit these clothes?!” When in fact, it’s that the clothes don’t fit YOU. There is NOTHING wrong with your body.

As a lover of fashion, I know that an outfit can transform my mood and make me feel like a total boss ass bitch. But sometimes we have to try on 10 things before we find the perfect fit. While that can be frustrating, don’t let it shake your confidence.