Episode 31 – Kayley Reed: How to Pitch Yourself to Brands, Tips for Growing on Instagram and Mental Health Recovery

Kayley Reed is an influencer, podcast host, and owner of an influencer agency who is based in Calgary, Alberta. 

Before starting her own agency, Kayley worked as an influencer marketing consultant has been in charge of various brand campaigns. But, she’s also an influencer herself! It’s great that she can provide wisdom from both the brand AND influencer perspective. In this episode, she’s giving you tons of juicy tips on how to land collaborations, make money, and grow on Instagram.

Her podcast Self-Care Sunday has a focus on mental health, but Kayley no longer calls herself a mental health advocate. Her reasoning for this totally makes sense and she explains why in the episode. Speaking of self-care, we also talk about skincare and Kayley shares what she does to keep her skin clear and glowing.

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