Eye Massage at Beverly Hills Optometry

As an esthetician and beauty lover, making sure my skin is healthy is at the top of my list! It’s more than just physical beauty, it’s about taking time for myself. Going beyond my at-home routine and getting a facial or massage is a nice way to practice self-care have some me time.

It has occurred to me that we don’t do much to take care of our eyes. I mean, we do wear an awful lot of makeup on our eyes, don’t we? We do face masks, lip scrubs, and neck firming treatments, but what about our eyes?! I went for an eye massage at Beverly Hills Optometry and wanted to tell you all about it!


The goal of this treatment is to unclog the oil glands in the eyes. Wearing eye makeup (especially along the water line) can congest the glands, which of course leads to irritation. Combine this with stress and lack of sleep (college life LOL), my eyes get so irritated and red. When my eyes are in this state, wearing makeup and contact lenses are both a no-no. When these glands are clogged, the eyes lack lubrication and therefore feel itchy and dry. This is just like our skin! Think about if your skin is dry; it isn’t producing any sebum (oil), and the skin feels dry, tight, and irritated.

This is the eye massaging tool! It looks a little weird, but it’s seriously magical AF!
The small heated tool used to massage my eyes with ultrasound gel. After finishing one of my eyes, I immediately felt a difference. The untreated eye felt extremely dry and irritated. It only took about ten minutes for each eye, so I was out of the office and on my way fairly quickly. Dr. Silani had lots of great tips and gave me a few things to care for my eyes at home.


Eye Mask
So this is definitely not the cutest looking eye mask… However, I have been using this before bed it feels super relaxing.

Eyelid Cleanser
I’ve been using this as a makeup remover and I’m obsessed! It strips off all the makeup without having to scrub or rub the skin. Even with waterproof liner, it all comes off in one swipe.
Omega 3 Supplements
These will act as an anti-inflammatory and are great for those who get dry eyes. I have been taking Omega 3’s daily for the past four years and they truly make a difference in my hair, skin, and nails.
Eye Drops
Because I’m looking at a computer screen for a pretty long portion of the day at school, these are a major key! They really help with irritation and redness.

The Final Verdict…. Would I do this again?
Absolutely! As someone who wears contact lenses and makeup daily, my eyes can get super irritated. After the treatment, they felt SO much better.

Thanks again to Dr.Silani for a fantastic treatment:)

For my LA followers, Beverly Hills Optometry is where I had my eye massage. You can book an appointment online so it’s super easy :)! Their Youtube Channel has a lot of great videos and more information about the eye massage. Remember to take a moment to do some self-care! Oh, and take your Omega 3’s ;).