My Favorite Crystals + How I Use Them

I've been obsessed with crystals for years and they are a major part of my spiritual wellness routine!

best crystals for self-love and wellness

So babes, here are the best crystals for self-love, wellness, and living your best f-ing life!





Healing Properties: Balances mood, enhances intuition, helps calm the mind, wards off negative energy and nightmares.

How I use it: I keep Amythest by my bed when I sleep and place one near me when I meditate.

Rose Quartz

Healing Properties: Promotes emotional healing, self-love, and compassion. It also balances your heart chakra, which has to do with how you relate and connect with others.

How I use it: When I’m doing any sort of self-care or self-love ritual, I keep one close by. I also put my crystal on my heart if I’m lying down to meditate or taking a bath. My facial roller is also made of rose quartz, and you know facial roller is SUCH a game changer.

Clear Quartz

Healing Properties: It’s known as the “master healer” because it amplifies energy and supports other crystals.

How I use it: Because it helps so much with clarity and creativity, I keep one of these gems right on my desk at the office to help me stay productive AF.

Mangano Calcite

Healing Properties: Promotes self-love, confidence, and emotional wellbeing.

How I use it: This is another stone I keep by my bed, but I also like to have it close by when I am journaling.


Healing Properties: Wards off toxic energy, grounding, cleanses energy and other crystals.

How I use it: I have my palo santo wrapped around my selenite stick. Energy cleansing your home is so essential.

the best healing crystals for self love and self-care


  • Remember to charge your crystals when it’s a full moon. Cleanse them with cold water first and then place them in the spot where they’ll receive the most moonlight.
  • Putting crystals around your bath is another great way to get their healing benefits.
  • When it comes to shopping for crystals, don’t think about it too much! Trust your intuition and know that you’ll be attracted to what you need and go with whatever crystal stands out to you.
  • There are a ton of different types of crystal facial rollers and they’re a fab way to incorporate the power of crystals into your skincare routine.
  • For more spiritual wellness tips, head to my spirituality Pinterest boardMy Favorite Crystals + How I Use Them