Camel Toes, Panty Lines, and other Female Fashion Problems

Alright, babes, it's time for some real talk. So do you see that dress I'm wearing there? CUTE RIGHT? BUT... While I was at a charity event the other night, I carried my underwear around in my clutch. Why? Once I arrived at the event, I realized you could TOTALLY see my thong underneath my dress. So the obvious solution was to go commando, I'd rather deal with purse panties than a horrid VPL (visible panty line, FYI). 

bandage bodycon dress tipsPANTY LINES

I played myself and did NOT wear my Commando Thong that night. It is SO soft and the seamless fabric lies flat so absolutely no lines will be visible.

I love that they come in different nude shades! If you’re wearing a sheer dress you don’t have to worry about having undies that will look weird against your natural skin tone.


You guys know bodysuits are my legit FAVE. My best friend and I have discussed this on numerous occasions and we’ve never come to a verdict. Do you wear undies when you wear a bodysuit?

Personally, I just can’t be bothered to have two layers of fabric wedged up my ass. Sorry, not sorry. But obvi, I wash my bodysuits after every wear. The only time I ever wear underwear under a bodysuit is if I’m traveling and I want to be able to wear it 2 times without needing to wash it. What do you guys do?


Ah yes… The camel toe. It can sometimes look kind of awkward, but I don’t really think there is anything we can do about it. I mean, other than being aware that certain fits will accentuate it more than others. At the end of the day, it’s just female anatomy and I’m fine with that. What are your thoughts?

 I’ve also got some tips for making “the girls” look good in any kind of top. For anything else… This post covers most of wardrobe malfunctions!