Frank Body Review

Let's just said I was in the mood to treat myself to some skincare... Frank Bod caught my eye and I went for it!

The packaging, the branding, the whole freaking vibe… I just love it! So I sort of went in on the kits, and ended up getting the non stop hair duo kit, the lip trio kit, and the shower scrubs kit.


non-stop hair duo kit

frank non stop hair duo kit review

Let’s talk about something that’s not so cute: flaky scalps. When I saw this before and after picture of the results from using the Caffeinated scalp scrub, I knew I needed to try it! I love that the coffee grounds are so fine and don’t dissolve in water like other sugar/salt scrubs do, so you get a really thorough exfoliation.This helps to remove product build-up and of course dead cells for the healthiest, freshest looking, and feeling scalp. Big fan, 10/10 would recommend if you struggle with a flaky scalp as I do. We are doing so very fabulous in the flake department (or lack thereof) these days and I’m here for it. And of course, this kit also comes with the caffeinated hair mask! This made my hair feel super silky but didn’t weigh it down or make it feel greasy… LOVE!

The Lip Trio Kit

Oooooh girlfriend, if you love a moisturizing lip balm with a hint of color (or not), this set is for you! The original lip balm it comes with is untinted and great for a dose of hydration on the lips. I’ve been keeping it beside my bed to slather up at night. You can also use it on the cuticles which is great!