Fur Baby Travel Essentials

Lauren Will and Pomeranian Bambi
On a little trip to Squamish, BC earlier this fall

If you haven’t met Bambi, she is my 3-year-old Pomeranian who comes with me everywhere. I recently made a trip to Vancouver Island, and so many people kept telling me how well behaved Bambi was in the car and on the ferry.Travelling with pets was super stressful the first few times. These are a few things I’ve learned over the years while on the go and some essential items that make taking fur babies on the road a little bit easier!

Comfort is Key

Getting Bambi in her Sleepypod with a small blanket, a few of her favourite toys and a bone always helps her relax and stay busy. A few items that are familiar and smell like home will make things more comfortable for your pet. Keep the weather in mind! If you need an extra coat for this trip, it’s likely your pet may also need one.

Safety First, Y’allBambi in Sleepypod mobile pet bed

Sleepypod Warmer

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what the heck a Sleepypod is… The Sleepypod is a crash-tested mobile pet bed and carrier. Think of it as like a car seat for pets! It has a seatbelt strap to make sure the carrier stays put so it that keeps pets protected. There is also an attachable shoulder strap that is ideal for when I’m taking the carrier with me. You can even get a warmer kit to keep your critter extra cozy, perfect for Whistler trips! Don’t worry about messes, the fuzzy lining is removable and machine washable. I purchased mine at Bone’s Pet Store in Vancouver, but you can also get one from Amazon or on



General Pup Essentials

Pomeranian in Purse
I love that Bambi fits in my purse! This was on a trip I took to Boston, MA during the summer of 2015.

These silicone collapsable bowls are perfect for mealtime on the go, and The Gulpy is excellent to help pets stay hydrated. Clean up bags, training pads, and pet wipes (these ones are my fave) are a must for keeping things tidy and organized. Don’t forget a leash and harness, also make sure your dog collar has up-to-date tags.

Stay calm babe; you got this!

Bambi the PomeranianWhenever you’re feeling stressed, your pet is likely to pick up on your energy and also feel a bit nervous. Stay organized by making a travel checklist and remember to make sure your accommodation and transportation are pet-friendly.

Each pet is unique and all have different needs, but this is what works for Bambi and I. Hopefully this helpful for you, and I’d love to what you do to make travel with your pet a bit easier in the comments below!

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