Golden Star Beauty Review & Self Tanning Tips

I absolutely love being tanned, but I will not risk getting skin cancer and wrinkles by laying in the sun! I recently tried out a few new self tanning products from Golden Star Beauty  (cruelty free FYI) and I wanted to share my thoughts.


The Golden Star self tanning dry oil doesn’t feel greasy or sticky and absorbs really fast. This “dry oil” formula is way better than a liquid, gel or mousse tanner, it’s so easy to apply and won’t get streaky at all.

It gives a really natural glow, this is exactly how my skin looks when I’ve been on a holiday in the sun. Another thing I noticed was how well this tanner evens out my skin tone. It helps cover up the keratosis pilaris (little red bumps on my arms/legs), hides cellulite, and just makes my skin look airbrushed! I love my body, KP and cellulite are no big deal, but when my skin looks and feels amazing it just makes me extra confident. 

The ingredients are BOMB AF, the avocado oil and jojoba oil are super nourishing for the skin. Oh and the scent is so yummy, it smells like cinnamon vanilla cookies to me!


golden star beauty tan extending body lotion

I use the tan extending body lotion just once a day (typically after I shower) and it helps my tan last for about 4 days at full strength before I started to notice any fading. It fades out really evenly and doesn’t get patchy. The organic oils, aloe and hyaluronic acid make my skin SO soft. They’re near the top of the ingredient lists so there is a high concentration of these in the formula. It has the same scent and cute black and rose gold packaging as the tanning oil. Another thing I really like is that I can be bronzed 24/7 and I don’t have to wait for the color to completely fade before I self tan again. These layer beautifully!

You can get both the Golden Star Beauty self tanning oil and tan extending lotion on Amazon (with prime).


EXFOLIATE – Ain’t nobody got time for patchy, dead skin that will ruin the glow!
SHAVE – Make sure you shave at least one day before tanning or else the product will go into the open hair follicles and you’ll see dark little dots all over. Not cute.
SKIN PREP – Make sure your skin is completely free of lotion, perfume, and especially deodorant (it can make your underarms turn green) for the best application.
GLOVES – ALWAYS. Unless you want to have orange stained hands for several days.
ADJUST YOUR MAKEUP – I always have a foundation/concealer that are a few shades darker for when I self tan so my body and face match!

Do you have any self tan tips? Let me know in the comments below!

Photography by Thomas Bullock