Holiday Gifts For Your BFF

women's gift guide 2018


  1. MONOGRAMMED LACQUER BEAUTY STORAGE – I love that you can customize this with a name or initials to make it extra special.
  2. ULTIMATE EARS WONDERBOOM PORTABLE SPEAKER – It’s waterproof and the battery lasts so long, I cannot live without mine!
  3. LEAH ALEXANDRA ROSE GOLD TRIO EARRINGS – These also come in gold and silver.
  4. KATE SPADE VELVET CROSSBODY – I just treated myself to this beautiful bag, it’s so timeless and goes with everything.
  5. QUAY HIGH KEY SUNGLASSES – These flatter any face shape and come in SO many different colors.
  6. FAUX FUR HOT WATER BOTTLE – LITERAL warm fuzzies. But If we’re being real… This just makes dealing with period cramps a little bit cuter. LOL.
  7. CLOVE + HALLOW DAILY ESSENTIALS – These are some of my favorite lippies ever all in one little kit! Non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free.
  8. ANESE THOSE BOOBIES THO BOOB SCRUB & CALM YOUR TITS BOOB MASK  – I’m very much about this boob skincare moment, the ingredients are amazing! Plus the packaging is witty AF which you know we love.
  9. SUGARFINA SWEET & SPARKLING BENTO BOX – Champagne gummies? I’ll take them all, TYSM.
  10. VENUS ET FLEUR ROSES – These roses last for a year and come in a ton of different colors and box sizes.
  11. SLIP BEAUTY SLEEP SET – Perf for the skin, beauty, and sleep obsessed!
  12. THREE OUAI KIT – I laughed so hard about this in my most recent video. Such a good little kit!
  13. HP SPROCKET PORTABLE PHOTO PRINTER – This prints photos right from your phone! Way better than a Polaroid camera IMO.
  14. J.CREW SWEET DREAMS SHORT PAJAMAS – Cute PJs are a no-fail gift no matter what.
  15. PINCH PROVISIONS SELF-CARE PACKAGE – I mean duh, self-care is MAJOR over here at LGG.
  16. DIPTYQUE MINI CANDLE SET – You guys know these are my favorite candles ever! This set is my go-to for gifting, it has their best sellers and they all smell amazing.