The Best Ways To Sell Your Clothes Online

Last year when I was doing a major closet clean out, the bag that was marked "donate" had a few items that were pretty expensive and some were almost brand new. The thought of taking all of those lovely garments to value village made me cringe. But again, what good were they if they were just going to sit in my closet forever? Then of course my entrepreneurial instincts kicked in.

Last year, I made exactly $3473.71 selling my clothes. Not all of the stuff I sold was designer, over half of it was from stores like H&M, Forever21, and Topshop. At first, selling anything at all was a freaking struggle. But after I figured it out I started to make some serious moola! Allow me to save you the hassle and tell you exactly what worked and what didn’t ;)!


I was living in LA at the time, so I thought I’d try to sell some things in person at Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet. Both of these places didn’t want to buy a lot of my clothes and the few things they did buy didn’t make me much. Plato’s Closet is more for teens/younger adults and Buffalo Exchange only wanted stuff that was super hipster/boho.  I literally died when Buffalo exchange said they’d pass on my Hudson Jeans, but were keen to buy this random crochet crop top that I got at Winners. Whatever you say, Buffalo.


They sent me a “clean out” bag which I stuffed full of clothes and shipped back to them. The do have a list on their site of what is in demand, so I only sent those brands/items. I waited to hear from them for about a month, only to find they didn’t want most of the things I sent. WTF. At that point, I would have to either pay for the clothes they didn’t want to be shipped back to me or have ThredUP donate them. I went with the latter. For the amount of stuff I shipped off, I was quite disappointed that I only made about $25. They also charge a fee to cash out via Paypal so that also sucks.


Now, Poshmark is where the real magic started to happen. Poshmark is an app where you have your own “closet” of items you want to sell. All you do is take a picture, fill in the details (size, brand, condition, etc.), and then set the price.

Buyers can make offers to sellers and bundle items for discount. Poshmark only takes 20% off the sale and they pay for shipping (expedited btw). So when an item sold, all I had to do was print off the pre-paid label, throw it in a poly shipper, and pop it in the mailbox. It felt like I had my own little secondhand store and was actually really fun! A lot of my clothes sold really fast (within an hour or two of listing) and some took longer, but you can always go in an adjust the price or change your pages bundle discount. The most random things would sell SO fast. I came across a box in storage that had clothes from when I was a teenager (hollister shirts, juicy sweats,) and listed them just for fun. Funny thing was, about 75% of the stuff in that box actually sold. I ain’t mad though ;). Poshmark was also my solution to online shopping dilemmas a lot of the time. If I ordered something from a store that didn’t fit and they had a really bad return policy, I’d just put it up on Poshmark.

There were a couple times where I had shipped items that ended up getting lost in the mail, but both the buyer and I were reimbursed. The Poshmark support team was amazing and so on top of everything. To cash out, they directly deposit the funds into your bank account and there is no fee at all.


Mercari is an app that is similar to Poshmark, they only take 10% of the sale but do not pay for shipping (standard USPS expedited is $6.49). I found this app to be a bit confusing and it made more sense to use Poshmark because I was only selling clothes/accessories. I also tried Depop, but again the app was a bit confusing and it is UK based so most of the buyers were located there.

Poshmark is the friggen bomb if you can’t already tell. I really was on a roll with it until I moved back to Vancouver. Unfortunately this app only works within the US. But I know a lot of my readers are from the US, so if you are going to be doing a closet de-clutter anytime soon you should definitely check out Poshmark.