Instagram Made Me Buy It: Fashion Edition

Social media has definitely had an impact on the way that I shop for clothes, Instagram especially! It can sometimes be hard to tell if the clothes we see in our news feed are going to be as bomb as they look in the pictures. Here I figured I’d share my experiences when it comes to “Insta Fashion.”

I absolutely adore Lilly Ghalichi! I’ve followed her on social media for ages, and it’s very clear that this girl hustles hard. Her involvement with WantMyLook peaked my interest in the brand. I’m a huge fan of  WantMyLook! They have so many gorgeous and affordable pieces. I’ve have purchased a ton from their site (Including those green suede heels above) and I’m sure I will be buying more, RIP bank account.


How gorgeous is she?! Via Instagram @LillyGhalichi

Triangl Swimwear created the OG neoprene bikini, which so many people rave about. Sadly, that was not the case for me. I found it to be somewhat ill-fitting…#ThickGirlProblems. But they are very high quality and not to mention super cute. The Triangl Swim FOMO is real for this girl!

GiGi in Strawberry ShortcakeMilly in New York NoirCoco in Floral Affair


Ahhh yes, Sabo Skirt… I played myself. So badly. Australian and US sizes aren’t the same, so a AUS size 8 is a US size 6. At the time I was unaware of this, but I still feel like the clothes are meant for someone with a smaller frame…. I’m 5’8 and the dress that I was finally able to shimmy into was just WAY too short! But for my petite friends, how cute are these playsuits?!

Gisele SequinMonte CarloSykia Twist

I purchased some cut-off shorts, a skirt/top set, and a bomber jacket from Naked Wardrobe. I’d say they were just a tad overpriced for the quality and fit of these clothes. I was under the impression that Naked Wardrobe was a private label, but it is indeed another Instagram store that just sells wholesale items. I’m not sure if it’s just the bodysuits that are “Naked Wardrobe” and the rest is wholesale? Someone fill me in!

Khloe in a NW bodysuit, via Instagram @NakedWardrobe

I’m about to share a little secret with you guys! Pretty much 90% of the stores we see on Instagram are just selling wholesale. These aren’t garments that they’ve designed, they have been purchased in bulk from a wholesaler (typically in China, India, or other countries where mass production is cheap!) If you see a piece you really like, try to search for it on Amazon! It is likely that it is the same piece of wholesale clothing (or something super similar), minus the markup from the Insta boutique. I do it ALL of the time. Hopefully, you all have Amazon Prime 😉

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