In Flight Essentials

This weekend I flew back home to Vancouver for a short break to visit my family and friends. I figured I would write a post on my airport must-haves. Though the flight to Vancouver is only about three hours, I have been on several other flights that are much more lengthy. These are my in flight essentials for trips near or far. Enjoy!


  1. Hand Sanitizer (pack of 5) // Bath and Body Works
  2. Rolling Carry-On // Louis Vuitton
  3. Cleansing Wipes // Sephora
    I personally love the green tea (mattifying/anti-blemish) kind, but they also come in rose (moisturizing/brigtening) and coconut (soothing/relaxing).
  4. Birthday Cake Gum (pack of 12) // Project 7
  5. Organic Lip Moisturizer (pack of 12) //  Juice Beauty
  6.  Ouai Travel Dry Shampoo // Revolve
  7.  Passport Cover // Louis Vuitton
  8. Quote Pen // Indigo
  9. Cozy Cardigan // All Saints
  10. Beats by Dre Solo Headphones // Macy’s
  11. Sleep Mask // Bucky

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