Korres & No7 Skincare Review

Korres and No7 Skincare Review

Trying out new skincare is so much fun and I love experimenting with brands I’ve never used before. A while back I tried No7’s Melting Gel Cleanser and really enjoyed it, so I figured I’d give another product in that range a try. Korres isn’t a line I’m super familiar with, I did try some of their products but it was seriously forever ago. Here are my thoughts on the goodies I picked up in my latest skincare haul, which all happen to be in adorable rosy pink packaging!


One of the things I really enjoy about this cleanser is how finely milled the granules are, I always feel like I get such a thorough exfoliation. It’s still super gentle and can definitely be used daily, and it never leaves my skin feeling dry or sensitive. After I get out of the shower my face feels so soft, moisturized, and looks super glowy. If you have super dry skin, the No7 Melting Gel Cleanser and this exfoliant would be the perfect combo.


Now, this is going to sound terrible but as soon as I opened the bottle and caught a whiff of this toner…. raspberry vodka was all I could smell. To be honest, this was really offputting for me and I’m sure you can imagine the reason why or perhaps you can relate. My much younger self could be a bit wild at times, LOL. Even once I got over the smell I still wasn’t impressed. I just found that this toner didn’t really help balance out the oil production in my skin or have any benefits at all!


Korres did a 4-week study and the participants saw a massive improvement in skin texture, the appearance of pores, excess oil, and redness. After hearing the statistics and discovering that it did not, in fact, smell like raspberry vodka I was SO excited to try this! But good lord, I have so many questions for the people in this study. Was there something in the water where they lived? Did they start taking incredible skin vitamins around the same time? My skin did not change whatsoever, I literally saw no improvement in any of the issues mentioned above. Wah, so disappointing!

Unfortunately, this skincare haul ended up being a bit of a bust. No7 really came through, but Korres let me down. I’m a bit nervous about trying any of the other Korres products after this experience, but if you have any product suggestions please let me know in the comments below!

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