Date 6: Pamper Night | 12 Dates of Christmas

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Staying sane during the holidays is a challenge I’m sure you can relate to! So what better way to combat the stress than with a spa night in with someone special? Now some of you might be reading this thinking “wow, this girl is so lame,” but I promise a pamper night in for two is so much fun (and hella sexy). While your bae might not enjoy a face scrub and mask as much as us glam girls do, I promise there is one thing he or she will LOVE… But we’ll get to that later!


Starting off the evening with a bubble bath is always a good call and will set the mood just right. These are some of my favourite products that make baths anything but basic. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that Dudes love bath bombs. I promise. Every single male in my life has a ridiculous fascination with bath bombs. So if he’s not feeling the spa vibes…. use that to lure him in!

After a nice soak, we decided to slip into some PJs, top off our glasses, and head to the couch for a movie and face mask. My boyfriend is never opposed to a little skin treatment, and your bae shouldn’t be either. I find so many men say “I don’t need a mask, I’m not a girl jeez my skin is fine.” UGH. NO. NO. NO. Here comes the rant…. First things first, being a girl has nothing to do with this, we all have skin! The fact is, you’re only given one body and you best take care of it inside and out!!! The skin is the largest organ and we expose it to copious amounts of dirt, pollution, and toxins every single day. Skincare is not a luxury, it’s an essential. Mask up ladies and gents!!!


Naturally, I saved the best for last… Coconut oil. Coconut oil is absolutely magical and does make a great massage medium! What I love about coconut oil is that it won’t ruin linens, it’s relatively inexpensive (my fave is on Amazon), and I always wake up with the softest skin. Obviously, I don’t need to go into the explicit details, but coconut oil massages are pretty sexy. Trust me, try it for yourselves. The point of a night in like this is to chill out and reconnect with your partner in the midst of all the holiday insanity. Taking some time to do some self-care and recharge is so important, so grab your coconut oil and get going!

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