Lilumia Brush Cleaner Review

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So let’s get to it!

Having to deep clean brushes can be a long and tedious process. Though it is of utmost importance keep those bristles clean in order to stop bacterial growth, which can cause breakouts on the skin. Yuck! Back in August, I saw a post on Instagram that there was an electronic brush cleaner coming out. I figured the Lilumia would be a perfect fit for me and pre-ordered it immediately. After a four month wait,  it finally came in the mail, hooray! When I first pulled the Lilumia out of the box, I was a tad bit confused as to how this tiny spaceship-like device was going to clean my brushes. The process of setting it up is really simple, and after the cleaning cycle was over, my dirty brushes looked brand new!

These were my dirty brushes before I used the Lilumia. Covered in foundation, concealer, lipgloss, and black eyeshadow.

All there is to do is add soap and water, pop in the brushes, and press start!

The clear lid is just so the water doesn’t splash out while the brushes are being cleaned.

Then after the 15-minute cycle, you just take the brushes out to dry. They look brand new and absolutely no product residue is left behind. After they dried I also really noticed that the brush cleaner really conditioned the bristles.

This would make a fantastic holiday present to any of your makeup loving family or friends!  It’s super efficient, easy to use, and works for all shapes and sizes of brushes. Not to mention it comes in super cute colors! Mine is matte black,  but there is also pink, gold, and chrome.


Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 7.29.50 PM


I definitely don’t deep clean my brushes every day, but I try to as often as possible. For those in between moments, I use Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner. When I was in school for makeup this was the brush cleaner we used, and ever since then I have not been able to go without it. It’s fast drying and gets the product out of all different brush types very quickly. I will admit that the smell isn’t all that pleasant, but it really works wonders when cleaning brushes.

When I’m travelling or cleaning my BeautyBlenders, I use the BlenderCleanser Solid Shampoo. It’s easy to take on the go and it lasts for a long time. Nothing gets my BeautyBlenders quite as clean as this shampoo does.

Hope you enjoyed my review! As always, I love hearing your thoughts in the comments. Come stop by and say hello on Instagram <3

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