Latest Obsession: Lingerie Bodysuits

lingerie bodysuit outfit
lace bodysuit and fur coat

If you don’t know how real my bodysuit obsession is, just take a scroll through my Instagram! As you can see, I’m wearing one in pretty much every single outfit picture… Sorry not sorry 😉. But do you know what I love almost as much as bodysuits? Lingerie! It’s basically an entire garment category dedicated to making you feel and look sexy AF. If you combine the two, then you get lingerie bodysuits! Which as you can imagine, I’m quite a fan of!

Similar Bodysuits

When I spotted this gem at Forever 21 I was absolutely stoked! But of course I had a million questions… Is this a bedroom only kind of thing? Can I wear this out in public? How do I cover my nipples? What goes with it? With some lingerie bodysuits, putting a bralette or something underneath just works. However with this particular piece, wearing a bra or pasties underneath was simply not an option. Bless up for double sided tape and cute fur fits!Pair a lingerie bodysuit with a cute skirt, toss on a jacket and you’re set to go.

This combo is so sexy, flirty, and obvi perfect for Valentine’s Day! Let me know in the comments below what you’ll be wearing on the 14th!

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