The Lingerie Guide

red-lace-lingerie-flatlayA few days ago, I wrote a post about my love for Lingerie Bodysuits. While todays post is slightly similar, I’m talking lingerie strictly for the bedroom. Here are a few tips for feeling sexy, picking the right pieces, and having the hottest V-day yet!

It’s All About You Boo

So many women I know always say “What’s the point in lingerie? It doesn’t even matter if he just wants to get me naked anyways!” Well first things first, lingerie should be about making YOU feel sexy and confident. Obviously your man is going to be quite pleased to see you in a lacey ensemble, but remember it’s about you feeling sexy!


Confidence is Key

 Whenever you feel good in what you have on it really does show though and there is nothing sexier than confidence. You’ve got to pick pieces that make you feel amazing or else you’ll just never wear them! Also, f*ck those “best lingerie for your body type” guides. Whatever style makes you feel good, wear it!! All bodies are sexy bodies.

Wait… It costs how much?!

The first time I ever went shopping for lingerie I could not believe how expensive such small pieces of fabric could be. Holy balls. Knowing what I know now, sometimes it’s totally worth the price. Other times, not so much. If it’s the kind of piece you can see yourself wearing time and time again, then splurge and treat yourself! If it’s something for a holiday, in a trendy color or style that won’t last, I typically won’t ball out! I’ll save those coins for something else.

So now here we are at the fun part! It’s totally up to you to on how risque you want to be ;)! These are a few of my favorite picks!

What style do you like the best? Let me know what makes you feel confident and sexy in the comments below!

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