Love Wellness Review

My girlfriends and I so often discuss our vaginal woes (ya know, yeast infections, BV, fun stuff like that) and I knew I needed to bring this up on the blog. Initially, I thought that this post might be TMI...But honestly, I'm not ashamed of having a vagina and you shouldn't be either!

I came across Love Wellness on Instagram and just knew I had to try their products! Love Wellness was founded by Lo Bosworth, and damn this girl is just a 10/10 overall bad bitch! Her blog The Lo Down is fab btw! ANYWAYS, I decided to pick up the Vaginal Health Kit and wanted to give you guys a full Love Wellness review.

Love Wellness Review

GOOD GIRL PROBIOTICS: Obvi keeping your vagina fleeky is all about keeping the pH level and bacteria in check. The Good Girl probiotics are formulated specifically for women’s vaginal health, but they’re also just great for your overall gut health. I’ve noticed a big difference since I started taking these.

PERFECT CONDITION VITAMIN: Over the last year, I’ve struggled with recurring yeast infections (TYSM stress) and the Perfect Condition Vitamin has been a major game changer. It’s filled with lots of good things like turmeric, coconut oil, and grapefruit seed extract to help kill yeast at a cellular level. It also reduces inflammation throughout the body which is fab. Will defs be repurchasing these until the end of time!

THE KILLER: In the event that things are feeling a little bit off down there, I go straight for The Killer. The Killer is a boric acid suppository that brings the pH level back to its happy place. This is WAY better than having to go on antibiotics, it’s so much healthier and works way quicker. Every girl needs to keep this on hand for vagina emergencies!

BALANCING CLEANSER: This pH balancing cleanser is my fave! I know a lot of people say that vaginal cleansers are unnecessary, but I disagree! The pH levels of everything else we use in the shower is SO not vagina friendly. This just helps bring things back to where they should be and makes you feel fresh AF.

Love Wellness Review

DO IT ALL CLEANSING WIPES: You guys, these are the best and I always keep the mini size in my purse! They’re super gentle and keep things balanced.

I did also get the Good To Glow skin supplement, but I had to give that one to a friend because it does contain biotin and that is a no-no for us girls who’ve gotten laser hair removal! However, I have no doubt that these would have been just as amazing as the other supplements.

Love Wellness Review

Another thing I want to point out is that the Love Wellness packaging is GORG, but isn’t super girly and I actually really like that. For example, my sister just HATES buying tampons/feminine products with pink girly packaging. It’s just not her thing! So I like that Love Wellness makes things approachable and loveable for all women, no matter their aesthetic preferences. Ya know?

So basically, Love Wellness is my current health obsession and I would highly recommend every single product I’ve tried. And remember, you should never be ashamed of discussing the health of your vagina. Us women are powerful AF and should take pride in taking care of ourselves.

You can get Love Wellness on Amazon (yay for prime) or directly from their site.

Love Wellness Review