Spring Cleaning: Beauty Edition

Lately I’ve been doing some intense spring cleaning and decluttering, is it weird that I’m enjoying it? LOL. Obvi, my beauty stash needed a clean-out too!

Makeup does expire and isn’t meant to last forever! Bacteria and mold will start to grow after a certain period of time. Do you really want to be putting mold on your face? Uh no thanks! At that point, you’re just doing harm and will likely end up with breakouts or irritation.

makeup expiration guide

I’m sure you’ve seen the period-after-opening symbol on some cosmetics. This little graphic let’s you know how long it’s safe to use a product after it’s been opened. I wish it was mandatory that all beauty products must be labeled with a PAO! Because some are not, I have a few guidelines I like to follow!

So with things like mascara and eyeliner, I typically don’t keep them too long because the eyes are rather sensitive and ain’t nobody got time for eye infections! Making sure you sharpen your eyeliner pencils before each use will definitely reduce the risk. Lip products, I typically keep for a year or less, it just depends! I’d rather not ingest expired, bacteria filled lipgloss. Ya feel?

With any cream/liquid products, signs that they need to be tossed include a change in color, scent, consistency, or texture.  If a powder face/eye product becomes chalky and is less pigmented than it used to be, it’s time to throw it out. By using clean brushes/tools/fingers, always keeping the products sealed and in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight will keep your products from going bad.

If I’m unsure of how old a product is, I’ll check my Sephora purchase history. Now this is nerdy AF, but this cosmetic calculator can tell you exactly how old a product is . All you have to do is put in the batch code/lot number and you’ll know!

One thing you do need to be extra careful of is SPF! Let me tell you a little story…While I was in Costa Rica on my vacay last week, the friend who I was travelling with was SO diligent about applying sunscreen while we were by the pool. Yet we got back to our hotel and she was burnt all over. The culprit? Her sunscreen expired 6 months ago. ALWAYS double check to see when your sunscreen is going to expire.

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