Lauren Will is the creator behind Lauren’s Lip Glossary. This is where they share their passion for all things beauty and style.

As an esthetician, Lauren has an in-depth knowledge of the skin and cosmetic ingredients. They love spilling beauty secrets and talking about the latest products. Coming in at a close second is their love for fashion, they love keeping up with the latest trends and are always refining their personal style.

They believe that beauty and style about more than physical appearance and that taking time to get ready is an act of self-care. Self-care plays a crucial role in their health and wellness routine. Lauren is an eating disorder survivor and talks very openly about their recovery journey.

Lauren hopes by sharing their experience they can inspire their followers to live their most glamorous lives, in the body they already have.

Lauren lives in Calgary with three adorable fur babies, Bambi, Milo, and Ziggy. When they aren’t creating content, Lauren can be found reading, making DIY beauty products, and spending time with their family and friends.