Clean Beauty Favorites by MIFA and Co.

I try to use clean beauty products as much as I can and there are two I've been totally obsessed with lately. Well tbh, I'm just generally obsessed with this brand as a whole.

MIFA and Co. is a Vancouver based brand (yay for shopping local) that make organic, plant-based bath and body products.


I purchased their Eucalyptus Mood Mist and is an essential in my wind-down bedtime routine. It smells so good and just makes me feel hella relaxed. I love misting some on my linens and just a little bit on my face before getting into bed. The packaging is super chic, minimal, and sleek so it looks gorgeous on my nightstand as well.


MIFA and Co. so kindly sent me their Eucalyptus Coco Body Wash and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever tried before because it makes my skin so insanely soft. I find my biggest issues with body washes is that they make my skin SO dry and irritated. Plus, most body washes are filled with harsh chemicals and artificial fragrance which we do not love!

Mifa and Co. review

The MIFA and Co. body wash makes my skin feel so clean, but not stripped of its natural moisture. It lathers nicely and has a super silky texture.  The organic avocado and coconut oil base makes my skin feel so nourished and smooth. The essential oil blend has lavender and peppermint in it, so it literally smells like a spa and is relaxing AF.

I’ve noticed my Keratosis Pilaris on my arms has really calmed down since I started using the body wash which is a major win for me! It just goes to show that clean beauty products can be SO effective and you don’t need a ton of harsh chemicals to see results.

I am so very in love with MIFA and Co. at the moment and really want to try more products from their line. The Calendula Milk bath soak sounds so soothing!

You can find their products on and also locally at a few Vancouver spots.