Pastel Winged Liner with Milk Liquid Strobe

Over the last few months, I’ve fallen in love with Milk Makeup. When I saw this pink sparkly rollerball, I knew I needed it!

This is Milk’s Liquid Strobe in the shade Aura. It does give a nice glow, but this formula is quite glittery and I prefer a highlighter that is more finely milled. I am wearing it on my cheekbones in these photos, but TBH it looks way better in photographs than it does in person.

aura liquid strobe highlighter

However, I do love how this highlighter looks when it’s used on the eyes! Because it is a liquid, I found it was easier to apply if I let it sit on my mixing palette for a few minutes to dry/thicken up. If you struggle with winged eyeliner like I do, this is the best brush ever! To set the liner, used the pink portion of my Tarte rainbow highlighter to keep it from smudging.

Milk Makeup liquid strobe highlighter

So would I buy this again? Nope. But that being said, I do really like how this look turned out and I’m digging the pastel glitter liner! I ended up using the liquid strobe on Halloween to really glitter up my decolette, and I gotta say it looked pretty bomb!


Liquid strobe comes in 2 other shades. Beam, which is gold and ultraviolet which is a gorgeous lavender color. From the swatches I’ve seen, it would appear that Aura is definitely the most glittery of them all.

I do love my Milk Flex Concealer, so I definitely want to try more from their makeup range. The swatches of their Eye Pigments make me feel some type of way… I need! Do you have a Milk fave? Let me know what else I need to try in the comments below!