Warm Winter Eyes

Morphe 35O eyeshadow palette

The Morphe 35O Palette is hands down one of my favourite neutral eyeshadow palettes. The shimmery shades in this palette are absolutely to die for! The matte brows are fab for a smokey eye and also double as brow powder. Even though some of the orange and red shadows are a bit intimidating and look like they could have you looking like a clown real quick…. They’re actually really wearable! Adding a bit of orange or red on a fluffy blending brush (this is my fave) in your crease will add warmth to any eyeshadow look. Or if I’ve used just a tad too much black eyeshadow in a smokey look, I’ll take some orange to just soften it up and it makes it WAY less harsh. That hack has saved me so many times! But as you can see I did not go for a subtle touch of warmth. I wanted the orange to be bold, front and center ;)! Morphe 35O eyeshadow lookWith 35 pans in total, 21 are matte and 14 are shimmer shadows. This is a great balance of different finishes and the combinations are endless! Morphe did release two additional palettes in the same family, so there is now a 35O shimmer and 35O matte! Both are so gorgeous, and definitely on my wishlist. Another amazing thing about this palette? It’s only $29, which is pretty crazy considering how many shadows there are. Morphe 35O palette lookIf you haven’t gotten your hands on this palette, you are seriously missing out! This palette is available at, or at Morphe stores. What is your favourite neutral palette?

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