My Struggle With Acne + 5 Must Have Products

Growing up, I always had clear, blemish-free skin. But when I turned 20, I started to get horrible breakouts.

I always had sympathy for those who struggled with acne, but I never knew how emotional it could be until my acne started. There were certain days that I didn’t even want to leave the house because my breakouts were so insane. It’s hard to feel cute when you have really aggressive chin zits, ya know?

My Struggle with Acne + 5 Must Have Products

But thankfully, I’ve found amazing products that have made such a difference and solved my acne woes. I want to share my must-have products for acne to maybe help some of you babes with some skin struggles.

Reversa Acnex Cleanser – I will repurchase this until the end of f-ing time. It helps balance oiliness and takes removes makeup SO well. The whole Acnex line is honestly amazing (review here).

My Struggle with Acne + 5 Must Have Products

Zo Skin Health Complexion Renewal Pads – These help to balance out oiliness and unclog pores. They make my skin feel so soft too, the pads are textured so they exfoliate so nicely.

SkinCeuticals Blemish and Age Defense – I started using this about 6 weeks ago and my skin hasn’t looked this clear in months. Pricey, but SO worth it.

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch – Okay you guys, these are magical AF. I haven’t come across a spot treatment that works as well as these. If I have a breakout, I’ll put one on at night and when I wake up the pimple is no longer inflamed and basically non-existant.

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask – So this is sort of a 2-in-1 chemical exfoliant and mask situation. If you have active breakouts, avoiding a physical exfoliant is key. Otherwise, you’ll just aggravate the skin and cause more inflammation. This helps to smoothe texture, balances the pH level and just leaves my skin glowy AF.

As an esthetician and somebody who is just product obsessed… Please please please do not use drugstore brands like Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, or those horrible oxy pads! These products might show results temporarily, but they are filled with harsh chemicals that completely strip the skin. So long term, it will just make things worse and your skin will compensate with more oil production.

But just remember you’re gorgeous AF and deserve to live your most glamorous life babe! So don’t let a few chin pimples get you down. Love ya!

My Struggle with Acne + 5 Must Have Products