Must Have Office Beauty Products

I have a stash of products at my office that saves me from looking like a hot mess halfway through the workday. Gotta keep it fleeky all day long! Plus there are a few products that are perfect for a little self-care break.

BURT’S BEES – I’ll admit that I have an emotional dependency on this lip balm. I need to have a tube on me at all times.

GLYSOMED HAND CREAM – This makes my hands soft AF and never greasy. It’s super affordable and lasts FOREVER because you literally only need use a pea-sized amount each time

NYX BUTTER LIPSTICK – I have been loving these lately! The formula is pigmented, but it goes on sheer and is super lightweight. I like that I can wear a super bold color and touch it up throughout the day with zero fuss. If I want something matte, I’ll typically go for a MAC lipstick (my favorite shade ATM) because they last so long!

CLOVE + HALLOW MINERAL FOUNDATION –  This powder helps get rid of the excess shine in my t-zone and just evens out my complexion. It never looks cakey or powdery though, I’m SO very here for all things Clove + Hallow ATM.

FACIAL MIST – So key for keeping my makeup fresh!  I absolutely love the Youngblood Mineral Mist for a little in-office aromatherapy moment.

Peppermint Oil – A neck and temple massage with a few drops of this oil feels SO good and helps me stay focused.

BKR Bottle – Hydration is a major key to glowing skin AND staying focused, so drink up bitches!

BUNHEAD SCRUNCHIE – Put it in a messy bun and get shit done! LOL. But if I want to hit happy hour later on, there will be no kinks or dents in my hair. Scrunchie life till I die y’all, I just can’t say it enough.