My Favorite Products For Anxiety

Anxiety has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Thankfully, now the panic attacks are few and far between and I am no longer living in a constant state of fear.

Getting to this point, where my anxiety is totally under control, has taken a lot of work. It’s taken hours of therapy, journaling, and support from others. I just want you to know that you aren’t alone in this struggle and I still experience anxiety a lot of the time too. The big difference is that now, it no longer controls my life. I wanted to share this list of my favorite products for anxiety with you babes today and maybe you’ll find something helpful!

My Favorite Products For Anxiety


Dohm White Noise Machine

White noise is SO relaxing! I have one in my bedroom and in my office. I even have the mini version for when I travel.

Saje Diffuser

Essential oils are SO powerful and really help create a calm vibe in the room. I’ve tried a ton of diffusers and the ones from Saje are the crème de la crème.

L’Occitane Lavender Bubble Bath

You know I love a luxe bath moment! This smells so good and just makes me feel super relaxed.

Natural Calm

Literally nature’s Xanax LOL. It’s 100% natural and tastes so good.


You know my obsession with crystals is on another level! I list my favorite stones and why I use them in this blog post.

Saje Stress Release Essential Oil

I love putting this in my diffuser, in a bath, or even on my hands while taking a few deep breaths.

Saje Relax-O-Ring

I love being able to fidget with this and give my fingers a nice little massage. It also stimulates reflex points and there is a cute little guide inside the box that shows you which part of your body they’re connected to.


I’ve been using this meditation app for the last couple of years and it’s seriously changed my life. It helps with my depression as well.


I talk all about this app on this episode of my podcast. I just discovered ASMR and it’s seriously so soothing.


Being organized and having everything in nice little sorted lists really helps me feel much more at ease. I use this app for work and also in my personal life.

Weighted Blanket

Curling up with one of these and reading a book is a major act of self-care. The weight just makes me feel so cozy and safe.

My Favorite Products For Anxiety