NYFW Inspired Hair Tutorial #2: Christian Siriano S/S 18

Not only is Fashion Month amazing because of the inspiration you pull from all the designers, but the make-up and hairstyles too. I really enjoy re-creating looks straight from the runway with my own twists to make it more wearable, if necessary. Since ready-to-wear is not as crazy as the couture season, the hairstyles are much easier to recreate. Yesterday, we posted a sleek and chic look inspired by the models walking the runway at the Carolina Herrera S/S 2018 ready to wear show. Today, we’re going to be showing you our version of this braided look seen at the Christian Siriano runway show.

Aren’t these gowns just stunning? Christian Siriano is really making a difference in the fashion industry, the diversity on the runway was incredible! He included a male model as well as a trans model in his show, and of course women of all shapes and sizes. This article about his show on USA Today made me so happy! Fashion is something everyone should get to enjoy, and I think people should wear whatever makes them feel good, despite size, gender, or what society says. You do you, boo! Okay, now back to the braid.

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So you aren’t great at braids? Same here! Lauren G. modified this look so this is perfect for beginners, plus your hair will be gorgeous in no time!

NYFW Inspired Hair Tutorial Christian Siriano

Here are the steps to achieve this feminine braided ponytail:

  • Start with straightened hair, I have a few my tips in my last post!
  • Section hair on both sides with a tail comb from behind the ear up, clip back whatever hair is left out towards the back of the head
  • Divide the two sections in half on both sides, so you should be left with four small sections and a large section at the back. Take the section closest to the front of the face and braid it normally towards the back of the head, secure with a small clear elastic until you complete the rest of the steps
  • Bring the remaining sections and pull them back toward the back of the head and secure with a few bobby pins
  • Take braided sections and pin them to the side of the head, then remove the clear elastics from both braids, and incorporate the large amount of hair left out of the original sections creating a low sleek ponytail with an elastic
  • Take the remaining two sections that were pulled back and pinned, and use them to wrap around the base of the ponytail to hide the elastic and secure ends with a few bobby pins

The look is complete! I always like to spray a bit of shine spray on my ponytail to make my hair extra glossy.  We still have one more NYFW inspired hair tutorial coming up, it will be posted tomorrow… See you then ;)!

– xo Lauren Will

Lauren Gudz is hair and makeup artist in Vancouver, BC and you can find her on Instagram and Facebook.

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