My New Fave Coffee Shop in YVR: Olive + Ruby

I think we can all agree that coffee is VERY important… And so is supporting local businesses! My new favorite? Olive + Ruby!

Images via Instagram @OliveandRubycafe


Olive + Ruby is in Kitsilano right on Broadway just off Macdonald St. The planters and colorful mural (done by Vancouver Artist Dana Mooney) on the opposing wall give this space so much good energy. Also, those hanging cage chairs? GORG. So very Instagrammable! This spot is fab for a date, grabbing lunch with a girlfriend or to get some work done. Olive + Ruby and was the perfect place for me to stay focused on my blogging tasks without feeling isolated.


There menu is filled with tons of gluten free and vegan options. House made vegan caramel in your latte anyone? I decided to go for the Golden (AKA turmeric) Latte with a caesar salad. Thankfully this caesar can be made vegan, perfect for me as I can’t consume dairy.

STYLE DEETS: Jeans (TopshopSweater (Tobi) •  Scarf (Similar) • Rain Boots (Hunter) •  Bag (Louis Vuitton) • Notebook (Creative Notebooks)


The barista was SO sweet. Literally. She gave my assistant extra dessert to enjoy…. This cheesecake bar was to die for!!! Oh, and it was vegan and gluten free!! YAY.

One other thing I must note is the community table in the center of the room. When you’re sitting across from someone at the same table, starting a conversation feels so natural! So Olive + Ruby, claps for you for making us socially awkward millennials a bit more comfortable and encouraging us to be social and put our phones down. LOL.

When I moved to LA, I didn’t know a single person and making friends was so effing hard. There are so many people in Vancouver who are in the same situation I was. So babes, I encourage you to be bold and chit-chat with a stranger to you the next time you grab a coffee. You never know, they could be your future BFF!

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